Gary King

Gary (200)Full name: Gary Andrew King

Birthday: 4th August

Starsign: Leo

Nickname at school: Kingy


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Tell us something we didn't know about you: I was the voice-over on ‘Funhouse’ and I’m currently the voiceover on ‘Dale's Supermarket Sweep’.

Were you good or naughty when you were at school? I believe the teachers called me "challenging" as opposed to naughty.

First job - and would you do it again? I worked in a hi-fi shop with Paul Hardcastle (of 'N-n-n-Nineteen' fame) and ‘n-n-n-no’ I wouldn’t really want to do it again.

While the music's playing, what do you do? I try to put my producer off doing his job (and I've got a 100% success rate!)

What do you get up to outside of work? I really like to travel and discover new places.

Do you have any embarrassing albums in your collection at home? Not anymore, thanks to good old eBay!