Morning Madness with Zaina

Morning Madness with Zaina 

Sunday to Thursday from 7 - 11 AM

Hey Guys! I’m Zaina from the Morning Madness and I was Born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Contrary to what people may believe, I did not ride my horse to school or wear cowboy boots. I graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a degree in Broadcast Journalism and a degree in Public Relations.

Prior to moving to Jordan, I worked as a reporter/anchor in Arlington, Texas, and interned at the Ryan Seacrest studios in Dallas. My passion stemmed from my nosiness in conjunction with my aspirations to help people in this world.


I am the most Type B Type A person you will ever meet (If that makes sense). I am extremely organized, and strict in my personal life to the point of no return, but I am super outgoing, goofy, and friendly!


I am addicted to shopping in all forms of the word (i.e. Carrie Bradshaw), and quoting late 90’s early 2000’s movies by heart (Don’t stomp your last season prada shoes at me, honey!) I am a die-hard dog person! I have 2 dogs that I adopted, Penelope, and Pugsly, and they are everything to me.  The way to my heart is a burger and fries (Extra ketchup) and an action flick.