Robin Deluxe

Since 1982 Robin Deluxe (NL) is deeply involved into disco music. Deluxe follows intensively all the influences of house and as of today he plays deeply emotive, elegant tracks, imbued with jazz and soul, with just a touch of vocals and quivering piano keys. He spins vinyl and digital tracks from all the legendary soulful house music labels. 

Deluxe is not afraid to rifle through the dusty racks for something old, new, borrowed or distinctly blue. You are also benefitting from years spent rooting about in musky establishments looking for that exclusive vinyl treasure that is going to make his set just that little bit more special.

Robin Deluxe is more than happy to bring the clubscene back to basics. “There’s a communication between the DJ and the dance floor that every good DJ pays attention to” says Deluxe. “It’s a communication that is felt like in indigenous cultures, where a drummer and a dancer work together to form an energy.”