Muhannad Al Jazerah

Muhannad Al Jazerah the presenter of Go Home with Moe show from Sun-Thu @ 3-6pm 

Born and raised in the Middle East, I was educated in Kuwait, USA and Switzerland, where  I attended the famous Cesar Ritz Hotel Management School. After my graduation in 1989, I worked at various hotels in Switzerland, Kuwait and Jordan. This helped me develop my management skills as well as people skills.


In 1991, I rolled into radio when I was offered to host a show on Radio Jordan. Since  then, radio and – more in particular

- interaction with my audience has  become my joy.  It is not only the pleasure of playing music people like, but first and foremost it is the knowledge that  I am able to make  listeners feel that  they are being heard and listened to.  While starting my career in Jordan, I hosted talk shows on Radio Jordan 96.3FM.  In those days Jordan was not yet as open- minded as it is today  and many  subjects were considered taboo. I broke through the glass ceiling by talking  openly about many  controversial subjects:  I was the first one in Jordan to do a live interview  on radio with one of the first AIDS patients in the country. The goal was to educate the listeners. This was followed  by shows talking  about women's rights, domestic abuse of women and children, and many  other  topics.


In 2004, I moved to UAE where  for twelve years I hosted the most popular evening radio show one of the radio stations.


Over the years I have developed a steady following and have hosted many  events of national and international importance. I have built a solid reputation as a DJ, MC and people person.


Personal interests: Traveling, water  sports