DJ Godfather

Godfather (200)On Air - Thursday 10pm

DJ Godfather; that’s not my real name for sure.  I love  music and I will tell you how I got started as a Dj.  I was a waiter at one of the nightclubs in Cyprus around the middle of the 90s. One night one of the DJ’s didn’t show up. So I took his place and the crowd seem to like me and it went from there. When I returned after a couple of years in Europe, I started to work in the clubs until joining my first radio station in 2005.

I have produced a daily mix show since then, which has helped me become one of the most popular DJ’s in Jordan, a distinction I hold with pride. My weekly Mood FM show plays the best dance music from the 1990’s and 2000’s. I love all those retro tunes so please join me Thursday nights for club classics on Mood FM.