Elton John storms off stage after telling unruly fan that they "f**ked it up"

And you thought he was grumpy in Kingsman.

Elton John has zero time for people who try to interrupt him during performances, as one Las Vegas audience member learned the other night.

The iconic musician was performing his 1973 hit 'Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting' on Thursday (March 1) with an audience up on stage surrounding the singer, as usual.

One numpty decided to keep flopping their arm onto Elton's piano (in order to get a handshake or something, we guess) and it didn't take long for Elton to bite back.

Elton added: "I bring fans onstage every evening when we play 'Saturday Night' in the set, it is always a lovely part of the show where I get to meet them, shake their hands and have them right there with me while I play.

"They have always been very courteous to the fact we are in the middle of playing a song live.

"This guy was rude, disruptive and had no care or respect for our show and so I let him know how I felt, then left the stage until they had removed him.

During a performance of the same song on an earlier date of his Vegas shows, Elton got hit in the face with some Mardis Gras beads. Seems like some people are taking the rowdy nature of the song a bit too literally.


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