Elton John is 'taking a breather' next year

But David Furnish promises a "few surprises" too

Even at the age of 70, there's no denying that Sir Elton John can still "crocodile rock" with the best of them.


However, it sounds like the singer/songwriter is aiming to take a step back from the limelight next year.


Speaking to Music Week, partner David Furnish revealed that Sir Elton will be taking it (relatively) easy in 2018.


"He's going to wind down his residency in Las Vegas, so he's got another run in February and then another run in May" said Furnish.


"We're going to be shooting a live action musical fantasy version of Elton's life story called Rocket Man, that's going to go into production next year.


"I think he feels he needs to take a breather, he needs to step back and take a pause."


However, it won't be all musicals, cocktails, and relaxing by the pool. Furnish also teased there are a few "surprises" on the way.

Could these surprises have anything to do with Disney's upcoming live-action Lion King?


Sir Elton provided the vocals to the 1994 animated version, so can you just imagine him stretching those vocal cords alongside Beyoncé on the soundtrack of the updated version?


After appearing in this year's Kingsman: The Golden Circle, perhaps Elton's got the acting bug again and plans on appearing as himself in The Lion King.


Whatever is round the corner, both Elton and David aren't quite ready to tell the world what it is just yet.


Given that the icon has been singing songs and tinkling the ivories since 1963, you can't blame him for having a little me time.

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