Celebs in 2008 vs. 2018

A decade is a long time (10 years, to be exact)

A decade is a long time (10 years, to be exact), and chances are, you’re so used to looking at your faves’ faces every day that sometimes you forget they used to be little fetuses back in the earlier stages of their careers. The nostalgia is real, and let the tears flow, fans, if they come. After all, their ~2008 eras~ were your childhoods, too. 

Whether the 11 artists below went through many different styles before sporting the ones their adopting now — or more or less kept their iconic looks from the get-go — it’s always fun to look back on the memories. From Ariana Grande to Beyoncé to Brendon Urie, look at how your faves have changed (or stayed the same!) over the years.

1. Ariana Grande

2. Selena Gomez

3. Taylor Swift

4. Beyonce

5. Demi Lovato 

6. Lady Gaga

7. Nick Jonas

8. Brendon Urie

9. Kelly Clarkson

10. Rihanna 

11. Katy Perry

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